The ice is not solid, warn officers in Brno

MP Brno

You may have seen a video on social media of a skater skating on the frozen Brno dam, and you may have thought of trying it. Brno police officers from the river unit are now strongly warning against such ideas. They warn that the ice on the dam and other bodies of water in Brno and its surroundings is not solid enough.

“Visitors to recreational areas should not be tempted to move on the ice, even by the sight of possible lone skaters or their recordings on social networks. These people often carry professional ice rescue equipment and practice their rescues repeatedly. It is not impossible that they have fallen through several times on a given day and used up video of a successful run. The footage may even be of an earlier date, ” warned Jakub Ghanem, spokesman for the officers.

On the Brno dam, officers measured five centimeters of ice at the dock and even just two centimeters in the area of the Sokol swimming pool. Other reservoirs, such as the Mariánské údolí reservoir with an average of four centimeters, are very similar.

“The measurements at the Žebětín pond also yielded surprising values. It usually freezes between the first and third quite heavily. However, the patrol unit measured only four centimeters there too, ” Ghanem described.

Moreover, the quality of the ice will be reduced in the coming hours and days by the coming warming. “So, from the point of view of the city police, stepping on frozen levels is, without exaggeration, gambling with health,” the spokesman stressed.