Train Collided With a Car In Vysočina. The Driver Is Hurt.

A train collided with a car at a level crossing in the Přibyslavicích na Třebíčsku area on Thursday morning. The vehicle’s driver was hurt. In the segment between Bransouze and Okříšky, traffic on the Jihlava-Brno line is halted, and passengers are carried by bus. According to Petra Musilová, a spokeswoman for the Czech Railways, and information on the Czech Railways website, this is the case. 

“We received a report of the accident on the emergency line shortly after 6.30 a.m., and the operations officer dispatched a unit of professional firefighters from the Třebíči station, as well as a unit of the volunteer fire brigade from Okříšek and a unit from Havlíčkův Brod to the scene,” according to the Vysočina firefighters. 

“Paramedics treated her at the site and then brought her to the hospital via ambulance for additional care. The line’s traffic was immediately halted. Intervening firefighters extinguished the fires on the railway and the vehicle, as well as securing the incident site technically, “added the firefighters.