What Can Croatia Offer Czech Tourists in Summer 2021?

The Czechs are looking forward to their summer holidays in Croatia. The good news for all tourists is that there are no severe anti-coronavirus measures in the country. Hotels have few restrictions, and restaurants can even open indoor premises. Since last year, food prices have been unchanged. 

So far, people have been unable to eat in hotel restaurants or on hotel terraces. Tourists must wear masks and maintain a social distance indoors. The rooms are cleaned every day and disinfected. Besides, disinfection is widely available to all visitors. Outdoor pools in hotels have a maximum capacity of 30 people and sun lounges are separated by a safe distance.

Tourists must meet the following requirements to enter Croatia: 

  • Provide a negative antigen test result that is no more than 48 hours old (if one stays more than 10 days, the antigen test must be repeated)
  • Prove that person has been vaccinated against COVID-19. In this situation, 14 days must pass since the immunization was completed
  • Provide a COVID-19 disease certificate from a doctor
  • If a person does not provide any confirmation or test, thus a person should be placed in isolation until the test results are received